As per the Intellectual Property Policy of USJ all the Intellectual property related things will be managed through the USJ Tech Transfer Office (UBL Cell).

  • Whenever there is a new Invention the Inventors shall submit an Invention Disclosure Form to the UBL Cell.
  • The UBL Cell will do a Prior Art Search and let you know whether you can submit an Industrial Design for your Invention.
  • Based on the Novelty and IP value of your invention required protection methods will be suggested.
  • If you are submitting a Local Industrial Design at NIPO  following Documents will be required
  • The IDF and documents shall be forwarded to UBL Cell for review.
  • USJ Tech Transfer Office may call for a presentation if required.
  • UBL Cell will include all other documents including the Application and Cover Letters.
  • If the documents are correct the UBL Cell will send them for the Signature of Vice-Chancellor.
  • Once the Vice-Chancellor signed the application UBL Cell will submit it to NIPO.
  • UBL Cell will issue the reference numbers for the Inventors.
  • Inventors shall provide the reference number provided by UBL Cell for any inquiry.
  • All the Documents will be maintained in a separate file for each application at UBL Cell.
  • UBL Cell will directly follow up with NIPO until the patent is granted.

Please Note that USJ Tech Transfer Office (UBL Cell) will consider the applications/amendments along with relevant documents (if any) received by the 10th day of Each month to be submitted in the next month. Any applications received after that will be considered for submission in the following month.