As per the Intellectual Property Policy of USJ all the Intellectual property related things will be managed through UBL Cell.

  • Whenever there is a new Invention the Inventors shall submit an Invention Disclosure Form to the UBL Cell.
  • The UBL Cell will do a Prior Art Search and let you know the Patentability of your Invention.
  • Based on the Patentability and the IP value of your invention required protection methods will be suggested.
  • If you are submitting a Local Patent at NIPO¬† following Documents will be required
    • Covering Letter
    • Inventors Consent to include USJ as the Application.
    • Patent Application
    • Patent Documents
  • Draft Application and documents shall forward to UBL Cell for review.
  • If the documents are correct the UBL Cell will send it for the Signature of Vice-Chancellor.
  • Once the Vice-Chancellor signed the application inventors can submit it to NIPO.
  • Any receipts shall be handed over to UBL Cell for the Records.
  • UBL Cell will directly followup with NIPO until the patent is granted.

International Patent Filing at USJ

Please contact UBL Cell of USJ for more information.