Obtain the Services offered by UBL Cell during corona-virus outbreak

UBL Cell offers all the General services offered by University Business Linkage Cell during the corona-virus outbreak. Patent Search, Patent information and all the advisory services. Please contact the UBL Cell for more information or service request.

Options to Contact UBL Cell during corona-virus outbreak

Submission of Patents or Industrial Design during Corona-virus outbreak through TISC@USJ

NIPO will accept payments through bank transfers/deposits only for urgent matters of trademark, patent or industrial design.

When making payments please use separate bank slips for each Trademark/ Patent/ Industrial design files. stating the relevant number allocated by this office clearly, along with the applicant’s name and the depositor’s details etc. If it is for a new application, details can be stated in the slip, clearly.

Please submit the scanned copy of the bank slip to the following email address. The hard copy of all documents (including the original bank slip) can be submitted to NIPO upon reopening of the office, and serial numbers will be allocated for new applications thereafter.

Please refer the web site for further the details.


Payment Details
Payee Name- Director General of Intellectual property
Account number – 143-1-001-0-3298806
Bank name – People’s bank
Branch – Suduwella

Please send the Scanned copy or E receipt of the payment to ublc@sjp.ac.lk along with all the related document.