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Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) should be used when a researcher would like to either provide materials to an outside party or receive materials from an outside party. An MTA defines the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of both the providing and receiving parties regarding issues such as permitted use, ownership, publications, intellectual property, and liability.

All incoming and outgoing MTAs must be evaluated and signed by an authorized representative from the USJ Tech Transfer Office (UBL Cell).

Please note: Even if you have been asked to sign an MTA by another party and/or provided a signature line on the MTA, you cannot sign the MTA.

Sample Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Format

Sample MOU Format with Industry for research purpose

Sample Agreement Format for Research Students

Licensing Agreement for research Commercialization

Please note that all the Licensing Agreements will be drafted by the USJ Tech Transfer Office (UBL Cell).

Please contact the USJ Tech Transfer Office (UBL Cell) for more information.

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