We are delighted to announce that the University Business Linkage (UBL) Cell has launched two exciting new initiatives aimed at supporting your innovative ideas and creations. These initiatives are designed to provide you with valuable resources and assistance in protecting your intellectual property and showcasing your inventions. We are pleased to introduce the Patent Consultation Service in collaboration with Nithya Partners, as well as the Drawing Service for visualizing and demonstrating your products.

Patent Consultation Service:

We understand the importance of safeguarding your intellectual property rights and providing you with the necessary support to navigate the complex world of patents. To this end, the UBL Cell has partnered with Nithya Partners, a renowned intellectual property law firm, to offer comprehensive patent consultation services. Whether you have a groundbreaking research finding, a novel invention, or a unique solution to a problem, our team of experts will guide you through the patenting process, ensuring that your innovation is protected.

Drawing Service:

In addition to the Patent Consultation Service, the UBL Cell is pleased to offer a Drawing Service, which aims to enhance the visual representation of your products and inventions. We understand that clear and concise visualization can greatly assist in showcasing the unique features and functionalities of your innovations. We will work closely with you to create professional and accurate drawings that effectively demonstrate your invention’s key aspects. We will be advising you on different 2D,3D, and visualization software for you to create your innovation more understandable.

The patent consultation service is provided with the kind assistance of the International Finance Corporation, via the MoU with USJ. Our gratitude is extended to the Innovation, Invention and Venture Creation Council (IIVCC, USJ) for initiating the MoU with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), paving the way to transform innovations into resounding successes.

We encourage all staff members to take full advantage of these valuable resources offered by the UBL Cell. By leveraging the Patent Consultation Service and Drawing Service, you can ensure that your inventions are protected and effectively showcased, thereby maximizing their impact and potential.

For more information and to access the UBL Cell website link, please visit: http://ublcell.sjp.ac.lk/submit-a-patent-usj/

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the UBL Cell directly (Mrs. Chathuri Liyanage- 0711729528, Dr Chameera Udawattha- 0777222658 or Intercom 1751).