Translation and Proof Reading Services Offered by UBL Cell through English Language Incubator

Permanent Members: Academic Staff members of the Department of English and Linguistics

Visiting Members:  Academic members registered at ELI (From USJP and non-USJP)

Supporting Members: A group of Alumni of the Department of English and Linguistics registered at ELI

  • Proofreading and translation services are normally rated on ‘per word’ basis.


Please Contact UBL Cell USJP for Prices and other Arrangements.

  • The price of proofreading and translation also varies depending on how quickly the customer wants the document back. A fast turnaround time generally raises the price. In such cases you can request a quote from the UBL Cell before placing the order.
  • All transactions will be via email. An additional cost will be added for printing and postage if the document has to be dispatched by mail (depends on location and weight of the document).




  • The full payment shall be made to the UBL Cell, USJP prior to start working on the project.
  • However if the total word count exceeds 20,000 words, it is possible to make a 50% advanced payment. The rest can be paid before final submission.


  • The proofreader/ translator guarantee total confidentiality.
  • However the customer has the right to assert a non-disclosure signed if required#.

#Subject to additional Documentation and legal charges.


Contact Us Now….

Dr Chitra Jayathilake, Director ELI and Faculty Coordinator UBL Cell, USJP


Mr. Trishan Perera, Manager, UBL Cell, USJP

Mobile: +94 77 1115565


Ms. Lakalya de Silva, Busuness Development Executive, UBL Cell, USJP