Designing a Heritage Village (Purana Gama) in Elpitiya Plantations PLC
Contributing Type Consultancy


Conducted by Department of Anthropology
Affiliation With Elipitiya Plantations PLC
Timeline 25th March 2019 to the present
Project Elipitiya Plantations PLC is desirous of building, constructing, developing and operating an adventure park at Devitura Estate situated at Ethkadura. Further the said organization desirous of developing a traditional village in the park. To design the Heritage Village the Anthropology Department of the University of Sri Jayawardanepura provides the subject knowledge and consultancy.
Advisor Board Prof. Yasanjalee Jayathilake

Lecturer Ravindra Withanachchi

Remarks The heritage village will be a fully-fledged concept of a traditional village which existed during the colonial period (in the era of 185-1950) in the south of Sri Lanka, taking in to the consideration of the respective culture and heritage.