Number of Invention Disclosed


Number of Intellectual Property Filings


Number of Intellectual Property Received


Number of Licensing Agreements Signed


Total Value of Signed Licensing Agreements

6 Million LKR ++

Royalty distributed among Inventors 

600,000 LKR +

The USJ Tech Transfer Office (University Business Linkage Cell) of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is dedicated to linking the innovations and inventions of the University to the needs of the industry. We are firm in the belief that a collaboration between the university with state owned and privately owned industries will revolutionize the scope of research paving way for innovations at the bench top to reach the mass market. While we nurture the potential products and technologies born through the university providing financial and procedural framework for collaborations with the most suited field of industry, we also aim to provide sustainable solutions and consultancy to pressing issues of the industry.


Please Note that USJ Tech Transfer Office (UBL Cell) will consider the applications/amendments along with relevant documents (if any) received by the 10th day of Each month to be submitted in the next month. 

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